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EDA VN COMPANY LIMITED is located in the industrial zone Nam Tan Uyen - Tan Uyen parallax, Binh Duong, specializing in providing all kinds of domestic and foreign foam. The company is a unity in both of design production and consumption. As a brand producing foam and also machining, fabrication and supply of foam. Our Board general manager has 20 years experience in domestic and foreign foam. Ty Dat Company always keep our spirits "honest with loyalty first, always swept under the new trends for innovation", performed constantly accumulating and summarizing the product design aesthetic nature , as producers, as private consumption.

The company has talented professionals, with their best efforts of all employees Percentage Gain, the system creates a production automation. Our company leading flame retardant foam, PU (foam bottoms), high-density foam and foam systems against gold, quality assurance, leading service. The products are environmentally friendly, focused scientific and technical development trend and meet customer requirements towards the world market.

We get harmony, gratitude, honesty, and prestige in the business, the core values ​​that have joined us become companion to mature and grow together. Taking quality of life, innovation-development, take the service as the basis, taking the faithful make oath, that is the root of the long-term business. With abreast of officials brought a conviction rate for Achieving enthusiasm and striving, our company achieved the best will be outlined plans to innovate, because the world is made up of many diverse rubbers, beautiful to and competitive.